Argentina footballer escapes FIFA accusation of mockery.

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Several Argentina players, including Nicolas Otamendi and Leandro Paredes are likely to escape punishment by FIFA for taunting Dutch football players.

The Daily Mail reports that FIFA is unlikely to consider any sanctions against Otamendi, Paredes and a number of Argentine players. After the unsightly image appeared when showing joy. And ridiculing the Dutch players Winning in a penalty shoot-out

The sight of Argentine players turning to jeer at the frustrated Netherlands player. Was widely published in the online world And was criticized for inappropriateness. Such as Otamendi, Paredes, Gonzalo Montiel, Angel Di Maria, Alexis Mac Allister etc.

However, FIFA has considered the matter and looked only as a celebration. UFABET Even if it seemed a bit too far-fetched. But there are no rules. That will entail sanctions against the Argentine Football Association.

Otamendi has already clarified the incident with a Dutch player attempting to harass and say something to his team-mates. While going out to shoot a penalty

In addition, Emiliano Martinez the Argentine goalkeeper will also escape punishment. The case accused Spanish referee Antonio Mateu Lahoz of being biased and wanting Dutch players to score goals.

Recently, it was reported that FIFA decided not to punish all Argentine players. Because it is seen as an emotion associated with the game and part of the celebration. Even if it goes beyond some boundaries.