Harry Kane raises the responsible hand to knock out the England.

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England striker Harry Kane takes responsibility for everything that led to his team’s exit from the World Cup. The Three Lions lost 1-2 to France in the quarterfinals of the 2022 football World Cup last Saturday night. Resulting in the Three Lions having to park just like this.

“Personally, it’s hard to accept. Including the team. ” The 29-year-old striker told BBC Sport. Where Kane missed the second penalty and ultimately lost the team.

“I can’t show my pride to other players more than this. We had a better time. have a better chance. But football depends on the little details as the captain and the man who misses the penalty. I take responsibility for that UFABET.

“I can’t blame my preparation or the details before the game. And I feel confident in my role. It just didn’t work in the direction I wanted.

“It was something I had to live with and bravely accept.

“The team is in a really good position. and will fly high in the future standing at this point right now. We are saddened to stop at this point. Because we are confident that we can go all the way.

“We can be proud of what we’ve done.” Harry Kane said.