Jouameni admits England caused problems for France.

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France midfielder Aurelian Jouameni admitted that the latest football game was a difficult battle because the opponent caused problems in many parts. But the team coped well and came through.

Rooster defeated England 2-1 in the quarterfinals of the 2022 World Cup. On Saturday night, Les Bleus will face Morocco in the semi-finals on Wednesday.

After the game, Jouameni the midfielder, who had put France in front in the first half. Told beIN Sports that the team had to be patient against England. UFABET But eventually managed to get through the key stages they wanted.

“We have to continue like this. and continue to prove his competitiveness.” said the Real Madrid star.

“Little by little we felt that a true group was formed from here. We are very patient. But this is the World Cup. We played against England who are a very good team. create a lot of problems for us in addition to those things We can withstand the strength Score a late goal and go through.

“Every time we come back from a game we will be picked up from the hotel. There was a little celebration from the staff, it was awesome, we hope to have that kind of reception 2 more times.

“champion? We have to win the next game first. Prepare well for Morocco, a good team. Then let’s think about that.”

When asked about the game that Rooster had to duel with Morocco in the World Cup finals Which will take the field on Wednesday, December 14th.

“It will be a wonderful thing. We know the history of both nations. So it will be a great game.”