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Barcelona opens up to discuss Flick as top option.

Barcelona holds talks with Hansi Flick, former coach of the Germany football national team. In the beginning For the opportunity to become the new trainer after Xavi Hernandez. Barcelona are continuing their search for a new coach after Hernandez announced his departure at the end of the

9 dangerous signs of “kidney stones” disease

9 dangerous signs of “kidney stones” disease adult relatives or even many young working people around Starting to have this disease more and more every time. But before, if talking about kidney disease Still will understand more. When suffering from “kidney stones”, many people secretly wonder how it

When should people with genital warts see a doctor?

When should people with genital warts see a doctor? This is something that we should not overlook. When lesions are found or abnormalities. That are suspect to lesions of genital warts. Should hurry to see doctor for treatment or reduce the spread of the disease to spread to other

Ronaldo one of 10 Portuguese players not flying back to Lisbon.

Cristiano Ronaldo will continue spending time with his family in Qatar. Did not return to Lisbon with the Portuguese national football team’s large army. The Portuguese Football Association announced that 14 players of the Portuguese national team will depart Qatar at 5:15 p.m. on Sunday. With trainer Fernando